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By admin | Published: February 19, 2019

St. Marys Church – Concrete Repair

Project Details

  • Client: St. Mary's Church
  • Specialist Contractor: Larsen Contracts
  • Market: Commerical

Located in the heart of Westport, the St. Marys Church that we see today was built in 1932, with its current façade being added in 1961. The old church was starting to show its age in certain locations, which required serious localized non-structural concrete repair to many of the soffits and the rooftop haunches.
As part of the major overhaul of the church, Larsen Contracts were awarded the concrete repair package; which required two forms of access, namely scaffolding access throughout the church and access via cherry picker to the front façade. All repairs were mechanically broken out to expose rebars, which were subsequently shot blasted to SA2½ using a compressed air steel-ball shot blasting unit; primed using two coats of a Rust Inhibitor M / Betrofix R2 mixture and finally repaired using Betrofix R3. Repaired soffits were treated using Impregnation Primer followed by two coats of Concrete Acrylic, leaving them looking aesthetically pleasing and structurally sound.
External haunches were repaired in the same manner but were however treated using MB2K to leave them watertight and protected from Westport’s Atlantic weather conditions.