We measure our impact on the environment as part of our Environmental Management System. The Company’s approach to environmental responsibility are reflected through our on-site operations as well as those within our offices.


Choice of suppliers whether material, plant, equipment or subcontractors, is developed through examination of their employment, health, safety and environmental practices. Larsen Contracts will also where possible endeavour to source local suppliers.

Employee Development

Development of management staff through continual professional development activities along with trade training and improvement initiatives for operational staff has always been a part of our culture. We are aware that the success of any organisation cannot be guaranteed without a dedicated and well-motivated workforce.

Larsen Contracts has recently embarked on a 6 month graduate training programme (with a view to full employment thereafter) in association with the Department for Education and Learning. Larsen Contracts also believe that harnessing young talent as early as possible is a vital element in the Construction Industries’ plight for sustaining key employees long in to the future of our industries.

We continue to monitor, review and develop our CSR hand in hand with upholding our ethical standards and responsibilities.