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By admin | Published: December 10, 2011

Case Study – Illies Water Treatment Plant

Project Details

  • Client: Donegal County Council
  • Client Representative: Nicholas O'Dwyer, Consulting Engineers
  • Scope of Work: Preparation of existing concrete structures, concrete repair and application of protective coatings
  • Market: Water Industry
  • Form of Contract: Short Public Works

Larsen Contracts was appointed Principal Contractor for the Construction Stage through an open tendering procedure. The tender was awarded on competency and economical factors best suited to deliver the client’s requirement. Works were carried out to six concrete, internal water treatment tanks servicing the Inishowen area . The water origin was of a low / acidic PH which led to deterioration of the concrete structures. In resolution of the problem, a coating system with appropriate resistant properties was applied. Prior to application of the hot spray polyurethane coating, the concrete surfaces were prepared by means of power washing and applying a cementitious fairing coat. The works were phased in order to accommodate the client’s operational needs and were guaranteed for a life of 10 years to first maintenance.