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By admin | Published: December 10, 2011

CaseStudy – AIBP

Project Details

  • Client: Anglo Beef Processors
  • Specialist Contractor: Larsen Contracts Ltd
  • Application: High strength, polyurethane screed
  • Market: Meat processing

AIBP are a major beef producer with trading links with over 70 different countries worldwide. At the heart of its business philosophy is quality assurance which means adhering to standards that ensure the independent verification of food safety and environmental requirements.

Chill Floor

The production and processing of all food products must meet stringent standards imposed by the industry. Rigorous internal procedures guarantee standards at every stage in the production process which necessitates continuous investment and improvement in not only staff, plant and equipment but also the building fabric. Modern food facilities have high production outputs, making factory down time costly, so when it comes to work on the factory floor, speed of installation is a critical issue. The recent upgrade on a number of Beef chill floors took place during factory production. The chills were shut down and the temperature raised to allow the removal of the old and defective floor coatings. The damp substrates were treated with a epoxy resin DPM and a new 9mm high strength and durable polyurethane screed installed. The finish was continued up the kerb detail and finished to the floor drainage and the floor joints raked and resealed. Temporary structures were constructed inside the building to accommodate all construction plant and equipment which ensure complete protection of the working facility while the work progressed.

Slaughter Hall Refurbishment

The efficiency of the kill floor is a meat processing facility feeds all the other plant processes and is therefore the key component of the operation. The floor finish is subject to per longed periods of heavy use, the recent upgrade of the process equipment in a large processing plant provided the opportunity to remove an old tiled floor, alter floor falls and the drainage configuration. This provided a perfect substrate for the installation of a new 4mm anti slip flexible floor screed. The new stainless steel floor drainage was installed prior to the application of the MC Flex 2099 which is a very durable, flexible and impact resistant food grade flooring system. This very wet environment is washed down a number of times daily, so a good slip resistant finish was essential to ensure the safety of the plant staff.