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By admin | Published: December 10, 2011

Case Study – Milk Processor

Project Details

Milk processor
  • Client: Leading milk processor
  • Specialist Contractor: Larsen Contracts Ltd
  • Application: Degafloor FB , an ultra tough, slip and chemical resistant, fast-cure system.
  • Market: Milk processing

A large manufacturer of dairy products urgently required a solution to allow them to refurbish their milk processing areas as the existing flooring had failed. Erosive substances contained in milk, including sugars and lactic acids, as well as nitric acid used in cleaning products had an extremely damaging effect on the tiled finishes and concrete substrate beneath the milk processing areas. Opportunities to replace the floor were limited as the short gaps in production necessitated an extremely fast to install solution which would be cured for use almost immediately. Larsen Contracts proposed the Degafloor FB system which works well in heavily trafficked areas. Defective tiles were removed and eroded concrete repaired as apart of the surface preparation works. The repaired area was then screeded with a 4mm Degafloor system in saffron yellow to cleverly mask any discolouration that may occur unplanned due to lengthy exposure to nitric acid. The project was completed within very tight weekend windows, with all phases being ready for full use early on a Monday morning. The client was very pleased with the benefits delivered by the new floor.