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By admin | Published: September 12, 2013

Case Study- Terumo BCT

Project Details

Terumo BCT
  • Client:Terumo BCT
  • Specialist Contractor:Larsen Contracts Ltd
  • Application: Clean Room Flooring Replacement
  • Product: Remmers FAS100, Inducolur D40
  • Market:Healthcare Laboratories

Larsen Contracts replaced Flooring and Coving (36m2) in the Clean Room at Terumo BCT laboratories over the 2012 Christmas period .
There was vinyl on the floor which was lifting. Larsen Contracts proposed an effective, abrasion resistant and hygienic flooring system which was installed over a 3 day Christmas shutdown period according to the carefully timed programme as below:

  • 22/12/12 Remove Vinyl, Run Coves with Parat 04 , Apply 1st coat of Remmers FAS100 to Floor which is a Substrate tolerant, lightly pigmented, Epoxy Resin
  • 23/12/12 AM Applied 1st Coat of Inducolor D 40 (an abrasion resistant, seamless fleece reinforced system) with Accelerator to Coves. Then a 2nd Coat of Fas100 to floor with Acc H to Floor which was alowed to Cure for 4-6 hrs
  • 23/12/12 PM Applied 2nd Coat of Inducolor D40 to the coves and lay 2mm of D 40 to the Floor wahich was then Cured
  • 26/12/12 Applied one coat of High Solids Metalized Polish

Client Feedback

“Just wanted to let you know the new floor in our cleanroom was a first class job, totally transformed the area to the point the Production Manager maybe looking the other areas done too!!!
Also thanks for working around our production needs which I know can add pressure to an already awkward job. We appreciate the guys working around the Christmas period to accommodate us”.

Frank Healy Engineering and Facilities Manager,